Dubai travel guide: 20 things that will surprise first time visitors

Dubai: it’s huge and reckless, showy and flashy. It’s a super-auto congested road on a major city road. It’s a $1000 jug of champagne when a shoddy shining would do. It’s the greatest, the best and the most costly of everything.

At any rate, that is the thing that individuals expect when they touch base in this Middle Eastern city. Dubai should be little on culture, and enormous on bling. It’s here for a decent time, not quite a while, and it wouldn’t fret letting you know so.

However, is that extremely the case? First-time guests may be astonished…

The nourishment is great, and it’s shoddy

Because of a vast settler populace, including a colossal flood of individuals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran and Jordan, Dubai has an inconceivably decent and reasonable nourishment scene. Essentially meander the boulevards of Deira, one of the city’s more established and less expensive neighborhoods, and you’ll discover scrumptious treats from around the globe, accessible in the city for just a couple of dirhams. Furthermore, for the best Pakistani sustenance this side of Lahore, call past the suburb of Satwa to eat at the ratty yet renowned Ravi eatery.

It’s additionally great, and costly

Dubai has a notoriety for high end food brilliance, and it surely satisfies that, with a lot of VIP culinary experts from around the globe setting up stations in lodgings and resorts over the city. You’ll need to set out some genuine coin to appreciate dinners by any semblance of Nobu Matsuhisa, Gordon Ramsay, Gary Rhodes, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White and Sanjeev Kapoor, yet it will be worth the cost.

There aren’t numerous local people

This requires a long time to soak in for most first-time guests: the way that there don’t appear to be any neighborhood Emiratis around whatsoever. That is because of a couple of elements, most prominently that just 11 percent of Dubai’s populace is Emirati. The neighborhood culture, as well, is a significant private one, which means for some guests the main Emirati they’ll meet will be the person who stamps their international ID at the airplane terminal. Those quick to take in more about neighborhood culture, be that as it may, should bring in to the Sheik Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding (

You can drink. A considerable measure.

Indeed, there are laws against open intoxication, liquor is to a great degree costly, you must be more than 21 to drink it, and it’s solitary served in bars connected to inns or clubs. Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean nobody soaks up in Dubai. Any explorer hoping to have a dry occasion will be exceptionally astounded to discover champagne early lunches, party time drinks costs, and an expat culture of gathering well disposed drinking.

The weekend starts on Friday – with informal breakfast

For what reason are the bistros and eateries pressed on a Friday morning, when everybody ought to be grinding away? This is the Islamic world, which implies ends of the week are Fridays and Saturdays. Among the Dubai expat swarm, and in addition some fleeting guests, the start of the end of the week implies a certain something: informal breakfast. What’s more, this is no light tidbit; Friday informal breakfasts are ordinarily immense devours as luxuriousness as they are boozy. Numerous lodgings put on enormous smorgasbords of each nourishment conceivable on which you can pig out yourself before swaying back to the inn space for a nap.

There’s history in Dubai

It’s actual: 50 years prior this hurling city was minimal in excess of a creekside angling town (before oil was found). Yet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t history in Dubai. The most established piece of the city is al-Fahidi, an all around protected social region that goes back to the mid 1900s. The limited back roads and customary homes here are a charming break from the high rises and superhighways of Dubai appropriate.

The Burj Khalifa is mind blowing

Regardless of whether a seeing extremely tall building doesn’t sound that astonishing to you, get ready to be shocked. The 829-meter Burj Khalifa ( is the tallest working on the planet, and it truly is hard to take in exactly how fabulously enormous it is. The view from the perception deck, somewhere in the range of 148 stories over the ground, is marvelous. Nothing looks genuine from that tallness – it resembles gazing at a youngster’s smaller than expected of the world. Setting off to the best isn’t modest (from $46), yet it merits each dirham.

This isn’t a city for strolling

The individuals who love to investigate by walking will be distressfully baffled by Dubai. First of all, it’s generally around a million degrees outside – you would prefer not to trek around in the sun. In addition most things in Dubai are miles separated, and the city has positively not been planned in view of people on foot. About the main spots you’ll feel good strolling are the colossal shopping centers, which, in decency, do give a lot of space to extend the legs.

It’s a customer’s heaven

Talking about shopping centers, Dubai is a paradise keeping pace with Hong Kong or Singapore for the individuals who enjoy the obtaining of merchandise. You can purchase pretty much anything here, from planner garments to gems, flavors, top-quality foodstuffs and keepsakes. At Dubai Mall (, there’s even a “Gold to Go” ATM, at which you very much obeyed customers can pull back one-ounce bars of strong gold, if they have the assets. Just in Dubai.

The engineering is stunning

Dubai isn’t stunning simply in size and pretentiousness alone – it’s additionally a position of amazing structural magnificence. We’re talking symbols like the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Dubai (the sail-molded lavish lodging), and also the astonishing Palm venture highlighting the Atlantis Hotel, the contorting Cayan Tower, and the JW Marriott Marquis, the world’s tallest inn.

The desert is in that spot

It takes such a little measure of time – we’re talking minutes here – to go from the high rises and landing area of Dubai to legitimate, unending desert. When the city closes, the sand hills start. There are a lot of organizations offering fluctuating encounters out there in the wild, from 4WD safaris to Bedouin-style suppers to sand-boarding outings to quad-biking. It unquestionably rolls out an improvement from the shopping centers and extravagant eateries.

You’d just go to the shoreline in winter

Given its nearness to the desert, it should come as meager stun that Dubai gets hot –, extremely hot. Normal high temperatures in the mid year months, June to August, run from 38 to 40 degrees. That is excessively hot, making it impossible to do anything outside aside from hurried to the following piece of cooling. In winter, in the interim, it’s a gentle 23 to 26 degrees amid the day, making it perfect for meandering the avenues or hitting the shoreline.

Local people are rich – ridiculously rich

Your first brush with a nearby Emirati will likely have your visa stepped at the air terminal. Your second brush with a nearby Emirati will most likely be looking as one zooms past in a Range Rover or a Ferrari. Emirati has a tendency to do great, monetarily – that much will surely be clear whether you ever wind up driving past one of their broad houses. Not very many sit outside the 1 percent.

There aren’t numerous ladies around

This isn’t a remark on culture, yet on crude insights. Dubai’s populace, on account of an extensive flood of manual vagrant specialists, is comprised of around 69 percent men. That implies that by a long shot the greater part of the general population you’ll see meandering around the place – except if you’re in the hall of your inn – will be of the male influence.

You can do basically anything

Sense that going skiing when it’s 40 degrees outside? You can do that, at the indoor Ski Dubai ( Have an inclination that playing golf on a rich green course amidst the desert? You can do that too, at a few courses all through the city. Also, on the off chance that you have a craving for riding a camel, or going sailing, or drinking French champagne, or seeing a show, or setting off to a craftsmanship display, or going stand-up oar boarding, or skydiving, or driving a F1 auto, or swimming with dolphins, or going bungy-bouncing… you can do that as well.

It’s a position of high culture

In spite of the fact that the city may show up somewhat pretentious and classless, there’s bounty in Dubai for culture vultures. The as of late opened Dubai Opera ( has ordinary shows and occasions, while it’s likewise conceivable to see contemporary Middle Eastern workmanship at various displays all through town, or catch shows by groups from around the globe at spots like Burj Park, The Music Hall, and The Music Room.

Camel dashing is crazy

Such a great amount around one of Dubai’s most loved games is totally bonkers. First off, there are no real moves on these camels, yet rather little robots that sit over the creatures and are controlled by somebody close-by. How is there somebody continually close-by, you inquire? Simple – a flotilla of extravagance, cooled 4WDs chases after the camels while they’re dashing, enabling the travelers to control the robot. The camel-dashing tracks are likewise so huge that you’ll scarcely have the capacity to see the members more often than not from your show off roost. Yet at the same time, this is a legitimate affair.

It’s conceivable to go on a financial plan

On the off chance that you remain in extravagant resorts and eat out at the best eateries and do your shopping in huge shopping centers, at that point a stay in Dubai will be, exceptionally costly. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Invest energy in the suburb of Deira, wrangling at business sectors, eating Middle Eastern road nourishment, remaining in spending lodgings and getting around by walking, and you’ll all of a sudden find that this city can be to a great degree reasonable.

Everything appears to be a world-record breaker

Following a couple of days in Dubai you’ll turn out to be so used to hearing that something is the greatest/quickest/most costly/tallest/most excellent on the planet that those realities will stop to significantly enlist as being intriguing. Dubai has many, numerous cases to world records for a wide range of things, including the world’s tallest building and the world’s biggest shopping center. Become accustomed to finding out about it.