Witnessing Yadnya Kasada | A Sacred Pledge at Mount Bromo, Indonesia

On the fourteenth day of the long stretch of Kasada (a Tengger Tribe’s schedule) amid Full Moon, all the Hindu individuals who inhabit the foot of Mount Bromo in East Java assemble to commend the Yadnya Kasada service, an old custom that has been passed down from age to age. The custom is necessary for the Tengger Tribe as an image of love and being appreciative to Sang Hyang Widhi (God).

As indicated by the Javanese individuals who still clutch their ‘kejawen’ standards – kejawen is an old Javanese conviction – , the mountains are sacrosanct zones where their God and the spirit of their precursors dwell. The Tengger Tribe has similar predecessors with the Javanese, and they trust that Mount Bromo is the preeminent image of the Sang Hyang Widhi’s position of authority. Situated in Probolinggo area, Mount Bromo has turned into a hallowed place to revere their God and precursors.

How everything Began

As indicated by nearby legends, the Yadnya Kasada is a convention to look for security and flourishing from Sang Hyang Widhi. The ceremonial has been held for a considerable length of time since the principal day people involved the foot of Mount Bromo to be correct.

Another old stories additionally makes reference to that towards to the fall of the Majapahit Kingdom with Prabu Brawijaya V sitting on the royal position in the sixteenth century, carried on a princess named Dewi Rara Anteng. She was the little girl of one of the lord’s courtesans. Wars occurred in Trowulan, the capital city of Majapahit Kingdom, which prompted an enormous mass migration. The greater part of the Majapahit individuals moved toward the eastern zones, as Blambangan (Banyuwangi) region, Bali and Lombok.

Be that as it may, Dewi Rara Anteng together with her significant other (Raden Jaka Seger) and their gatekeepers and supporters took an alternate course. They hurried to the foot of Mount Bromo. When they came to wellbeing, Dewi Rara Anteng and Raden Jaka Seger began another life there together with the majority of the general population who tailed them. The couple led the Tengger locale, and accomplished the title “Purbowasesa Mangkurat Ing Tengger” which signifies “the kind leader of Tengger”. The Tengger area’s name is gotten from the names of the winners, Dewi Rara Anteng (Teng) and Raden Jaka Seger (Ger).

Dewi Rara Anteng and Raden Jaka Seger lived joyfully with their kin. The foot of Mount Bromo was a fruitful land where harvests developed bounteously. Nonetheless, following quite a while of living in peace, the couple hadn’t had any youngsters yet. Accordingly, they mulled over the highest point of Mount Bromo (Brahma), comfortable edge of the hole.

At the point when midnight came, Dewi Rara Anteng and Raden Jaka Seger heard whispers, saying that their desire would materialize with one condition; they would need to surrender their last destined to the pit of Mount Bromo. The couple concurred, and they at last got youngsters – 25 kids to be correct. The last conceived was named Raden Hadi Kusuma. He was the one to be relinquished, yet he grew up to be a solid man.

Dewi Rara Anteng and Raden Jaka Seger didn’t have the heart to surrender Raden Hadi Kusuma. They broke their guarantee, and it made the God furious. At some point, the sky over the Tengger area turned dim and Mount Bromo detonated. Raden Hadi Kusuma vanished into the fire and was sucked into the pit of Mount Bromo. At the point when the disaster occurred, a voice like that of Raden Hadi Kusuma’s resounded, saying that he had been yielded for the wellbeing of each of the Tengger individuals. The voice additionally reminded the general population to dependably love Sang Hyang Widhi and that they need to forfeit homestead creatures and gathers on the 14thday of the long stretch of Kasada.

That was the start of Yadnya Kasada custom of Tengger individuals in Mount Bromo. A custom that is still performed until today.

Edge of the Crater

The Yadnya Kasada custom began with neighborhood ministers – who were hand chosen by senior clerics through a conventional gathering – droning a few supplications. Thereafter, the Tengger individuals brought ongkek (contributions) up to the highest point of Mount Bromo – the offering comprised of harvests, some cash and homestead creatures, all are offered up to the cavity of Mount Bromo. This parade is the pinnacle of the Yadnya Kasada function that happens on the edge of the hole. Multi day preceding this service, the general population send up a few supplications in sanctuaries and gather sacred water from an enclosure in Mount Widodaren, not a long way from Mount Bromo.

The Tengger individuals trust that the Yadnya Kasada custom will guard them from fiasco and give them thriving with inexhaustible ranch creatures and harvests. This custom isn’t just an image of security and thankfulness to Sang Hyang Widhi, yet additionally a tribute to Raden Hadi Kusuma and his other 24 kin from Dewi Rara Anteng and Raden Jaka Seger, as the family is the progenitors of the Tengger Tribe.